International Research Administrator Day 2023 - sharing the love

Wil Flanagan
May 14, 2024

It’s Research Administrator Day on 25th September 2023! Happy #ResearchAdministratorDay

We’re lucky to partner with so many of them and are always struck by how passionate and dedicated they are. They’re some of the unsung heroes of research.

To mark the day, we wanted to give a big shout out to some superstars of the research administrator community. We asked our customers and colleagues at Infonetica to send us their nominations:

Fran Thorp, Human Research Ethics Coordinator at Macquarie University

Fran is an exceptional individual who has dedicated 16 years of her career to Macquarie. In her role as Human Research Ethics Coordinator, she shows a remarkable focus on the nuanced realm of Humanities and Social Sciences. Fran’s depth of knowledge regarding the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research is truly awe-inspiring. Her profound understanding, insightful interpretations, and unwavering commitment to guiding and clarifying the path for researchers is truly commendable. Fran’s dedication and expertise serve as a source of inspiration to all who work with her.

Nominated by Jennifer Rowland, Human Research Ethics Manager at Macquarie University

Rita Njeru, Research Grants Manager at The Aga Khan University

Her stellar performance in research administration has seen the research portfolio at The Aga Khan University – Nairobi grow immensely. She is versatile, adept at networking and has great leadership skills.

Nominated by Winnie Kanana Munene, Research Administration Manager at the Aga Khan University

Shaun Monkman, Research Ethics and Integrity Manager at University of Leicester

Shaun has a great understanding of the ethics environment, and he is really engaged with his work colleagues. This and his excellent management of internal stakeholders has helped him to review and redefine the university’s entire ethics review process. What he’s helped to create is exemplary.

Nominated by Chris Young, Customer Experience Manager at Infonetica

Jo Denyer, Senior Systems Analyst at Monash University

Jo has contributed enormous amounts of time and support to other research administrators within Infonetica’s user group in Australia and New Zealand. She is willing, open and always available to listen, provide guidance and share best practice, including sharing some of the excellent work that Monash do with others in the group. Read our Monash University case study we wrote up with Jo’s help.

Nominated by Belinda Seeto, General Manager at Infonetica

Dace Rozenberga, Research Systems Coordinator at University of Bath

Dace was instrumental in building the online ethics system for the University of Bath. She worked diligently with ethics committee members to establish their requirements and then translated all of these needs into a workable solution. Her attention to detail and ability to grasp technical concepts quickly, really helped to create what the university has now.

Nominated by Jeremy Rivera, Customer Experience Manager at Infonetica

Michelle Barnett, Ethics Administrator at Nelson Mandela University

Michelle is inquisitive and asks lots of questions about the online ethics process. She has a real passion to understand exactly how the system works and picks up technical concepts quickly. This drive to understand has helped her to improve her online ethics processes and provide effective support to committee members.

Nominated by Tristan Lam, Customer Experience Manager at Infonetica

Sam Lewis, Research Governance Manager at Keele University

Sam’s is one of these people that’s great at networking and seeing how she can support other research managers. She’s always helping others to navigate their way through the ethics process. She’s also helped us at Infonetica a great deal, too.

Nominated by Ashley Smith, Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Infonetica

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