ReDA: a tool to ensure compliance and uphold research governance

Xavier Roeseler
June 18, 2024

ReDA, our clinical trial management system, is highly configurable. Once adapted to the specific needs of our users, they can maintain easy oversight of multiple studies on a centralised platform, be alerted to key events and track research compliance all in one place.

We’ve highlighted some of the key features under ReDA’s governance section that our customers value the most. These include to:

  • Set up bespoke checklists to guide and ensure compliance.
  • Easily manage study amendments all within the system.
  • Configure in-system alerts and email notifications.
  • Track metrics using ReDA’s in-built clock feature.

If you want to find out more about how ReDA’s governance section or rich feature set can help you, do get in touch.

Set up your study with checklists to ensure compliance

You can easily configure ReDA’s governance section to define your institution’s governance and study requirements. To embed these requirements you can define bespoke checklists for different stages of the process or organisations.

For example, you could create a checklist for study locations that describes what information they need to get and what they need to put in place before they can start recruiting patients. This could include obtaining approval documents and contractual agreements or confirming that a specific hospital department is involved.

By completing these checklists and using ReDA’s governance section to capture all the information in one place, institutions can easily track and ensure compliance with requirements.

Users have told us this gives them peace of mind because they know all study locations comply with essential requirements before being able to participate in the study.

Manage study amendments to keep it all in one place

With ReDA you can easily capture, manage, and monitor study amendments. For example, if the drug dosage changes during the study, you can capture this change through an amendment to the study.

All amendments and any relevant documents are stored against the study, keeping everything in one place. Amendments are searchable, reportable and you can configure ReDA to alert relevant users when an amendment is made.

Configure in-system alerts and email notifications

ReDA gives you the ability to configure automatic alerts and notifications according to your needs. You define when these alerts are triggered and whether they are in-system alerts or emails sent to specific users.

For example, you could set the system up so that when a particular event is recorded in the system – such as a contract change – an email is sent directly to relevant users.

Capture metrics that matter to you with ReDA’s in-built clock

ReDA’s in-built clock helps users to track how long different stages take. This feature is particularly popular with our customers because it helps them to track relevant metrics.

You can configure exactly which events you want to track in the system, allowing you to capture the right metrics for your circumstances.

For example, a common metric is how long it takes a study location to tick off all the items on the study location checklist or how long it takes to recruit the first patient.

Get in touch to find out more

We’d love to have a chat if you want to find out more about how ReDA could support you and your institution with governance, compliance and much more.

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