Achieve Certified Compliance With Export Controls

Ensure international research integrity with our export controls compliance management software.

200+ universities and healthcare institutions streamline their research processes with Infonetica

Empower Your Export Compliance Processes

Understand whether your research project is subject to export control policy, and the actions required for compliance.
Researchers complete their online licence application together in real-time.
Review boards receive, review, and respond to applications in their digital workspace.
Administrators configure tailored digital workflows and maintain comprehensive export compliance data records.

Solutions to All Your Export Compliance Challenges

Guarantee compliance
Facilitate collaboration
Secure your data
Ensure that all of your export activities are compliant
Maintaining compliance with ever-evolving export regulations is tricky, but essential for any institution who conducts research across borders. That's where Export Controls comes in.

Equipped with best-practice forms, guided workflows, and comprehensive record repositories, all of our customers maintain the best practices in ethical research effortlessly.

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"With over 10 years of partnership with Infonetica, Ethics RM has enabled us to streamline and automate our research ethics processes, providing us greater strategic oversight and empowering us to maintain compliance across our operations."
Genevieve Pridham
Research Ethics Manager
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"The impact has been demonstrated year over year with increased uptake and savings of time and money. By driving efficiency and reducing red tape, CTO Stream has provided more than $18 million in estimated costs."
Susan Marlin
President & CEO
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"Our old system wasn’t actually broken, but it was very unwieldy and took a lot of resources to operate. We had a good idea of what we need a new system to do. With Infonetica’s help, we achieved that, and if I can do it, anyone can."
Marice Lunny
Research Integrity and Ethics Manager
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