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Sure, our products are great. But what makes Infonetica really special is the people behind it all.


The Leadership

With over 200 years of research technology experience combined, we’re well-equipped to configure your research solutions.

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Raja Prasanna
Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board
Simon Webster
Chairman and Member of the Board
Peter Schober
Member of the Board
Belinda Seeto
General Manager, Asia Pacific
Vydehi Chinta
Head of Product
Steven James
Head of IT & Security
Andrey Zotov
Chief Technology Officer
Helen Burnett
Financial Controller
Eliot Pallot
Head of Customer Success
Rachel Smith
Chief of Staff

The Experts

How do we make such useful content? It’s all thanks to these guys.

Xavier Roeseler

Xavier Roeseler
Research SaaS Expert

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Barbara Meneses
International Research Expert

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Wil Flanagan

Wil Flanagan
Healthcare and Education Expert

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