Ensure Ethical Compliance with Ethics RM

600k+ users across the globe get their ethics approved more efficiently with our research ethics compliance management software.

200+ universities and healthcare institutions streamline their research processes with Infonetica

Empower Your Ethical Compliance Processes

Researchers craft their application together following a clear and guided workflow.
Ethics committees and administrators efficiently review submissions using digital tools.
Administrators configure the system to their institutions, and optimise it through data-driven insights.

Solutions to All Your Research Ethics Challenges

Adapt to changing needs
Facilitate collaboration
Manage your data
Configurable workflows that adapt to evolving requirements
Ethics RM is a fully configurable platform. Tailor it to your specific processes, and then reconfigure it to adapt to changing regulations and organisational needs. 

Equipped with features that simplify form building, automate workflows, and provide up-to-date ethical compliance guidance, all of our customers maintain the best practices in ethical research effortlessly.

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Case Study
"The impact has been demonstrated year over year with increased uptake and savings of time and money. By driving efficiency and reducing red tape, CTO Stream has provided more than $18 million in estimated costs."
Susan Marlin
President & CEO
Case Study
"With over 10 years of partnership with Infonetica, Ethics RM has enabled us to streamline and automate our research ethics processes, providing us greater strategic oversight and empowering us to maintain compliance across our operations."
Genevieve Pridham
Research Ethics Manager