Please see our Research Database Application (ReDA) privacy policy below. A PDF version is also available for download here: ReDA Privacy Policy

Research Database Application (ReDA) Privacy Policy


In providing the Research Database Application (also known as ReDA) service, Infonetica Ltd (“Infonetica”) holds the personal information of registered ReDA users.

As such, Infonetica is a data processor for the purposes of the UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”) and subject to certain obligations with respect to the processing of that personal information. This privacy policy sets out the basis on which Infonetica holds personal data in relation to the provision of the ReDA service. Our Customer is the data controller.

For any services which we might provide for for which we act as a data controller, please see our General Privacy Policy ( .

Who we are and how you can contact us

We are Infonetica Ltd (company number 04503405, registered address – The Lower Ground Floor Office, The Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9SD).

You can contact us in writing at the above address, by emailing, or by phone on 0208 334 6900.


ReDA is a software application, owned and operated by Infonetica. Organisations wishing to use the ReDA service (“Customers”) are required to register with Infonetica. Once registered, ReDA accounts are created for individuals within or affiliated to the Customer.

Registered Users

When an ReDA account is created, the registered user is required to provide a small amount of personal data either:

  • directly via the Customer’s ReDA access webpage which is provided by Infonetica;
  • to the systems administrator of the Customer, who will create the ReDA account and transmit the relevant personal information to Infonetica.

This personal data is held by Infonetica in a database on servers located at Infonetica’s principal place of business and at least one other location within the United Kingdom. The personal data held includes name, organisational identifier, department, email address, username, role and other information which Infonetica requires to provide the ReDA service. No data that is not necessary to provide the ReDA service is stored in the database.

Personal information about an account is available to the relevant ReDA systems administrators via the ReDA Administration Interface. This information is used by the administrator to identify and contact the individual and to generate statistics about usage of ReDA accounts. ReDA system administrators are appointed by Infonetica and the Customer in a joint approval process, and are subject to terms and conditions which include a requirement to meet appropriate privacy legislation. These are ruled under a separate contract but are summarised as follows:

Administrators must take reasonable steps to:

  • Ensure that access to a resource is only given to individuals who are authorised to access that resource under the terms of the licence for the resource;
  • Terminate ReDA access promptly when appropriate;
  • Keep ReDA usernames, passwords, and other personal information confidential;
  • Ensure that information concerning ReDA account holders is accurate; and
  • Investigate cases of suspected abuse or inappropriate content.

Individual Users must:

  • Keep their account confidential and not permit any third party to use it;
  • Use their account only for the purpose for which it was issued by the Customer;
  • Accept the terms of this ReDA Privacy Policy.

The two lists above are not descriptions of the all the obligations of Administrators and Users but are the core of the obligations related to personal privacy.

ReDA Administrators

Each ReDA administrator is required to provide Infonetica with the following personal data:

  1. Name
  1. E-mail address
  1. Telephone numbers (working and non-working hours where the customer is seeking this level of service).

Infonetica will hold this personal information on the ReDA database and use it to contact system administrators in relation to the ReDA accounts for which they are responsible.

Customers must also input into the ReDA system at least 2 of the following identifiers:

  1. A contact name
  1. A telephone number
  1. An e-mail address or URL to enable registered users to contact their ReDA administrator with ReDA -related enquiries.

The above information supplied appears on the ReDA website for registered users to see.

Infonetica will retain the personal data of systems administrators whilst they remain the nominated ReDA administrator for the Customer, and will delete such personal data when the account is deleted.

Account Deletion

Infonetica will keep the personal data of registered users whilst they remain registered users. Such information is deleted when the account is deleted by the system administrator, or 6 years after the contract with our Customer has ended, whichever is the later.

Following account deletion, ReDA will still hold statistical information about the account. However, this information is linked only to the username and/or a Persistent ID. Such a link does not allow access to any personal information about the individual.

Business Transfer

If Infonetica or the ReDA service is sold or integrated with another business, details within ReDA of all registered users would be passed on to the new owners of the business.


A “cookie” is a text-only string of information that a web site transfers to the cookie file of the browser on a computer’s hard disk so that the web site can record and read a small amount of information.

ReDA either uses or may in the future use the following two types of cookie:

  • Session Cookies which remain in the cookie file of a computer system for a maximum of eight hours after they were initially created or are automatically removed if the browser session is terminated before the eight hour period has elapsed. These cookies contain the ReDA username and an ReDA token and are used to facilitate the ReDA single sign on service, enabling access to all of the ReDA registered resources which a user is entitled to access using a ReDA account.
  • Persistent Cookies which remain in the cookie file of the browser until they are deleted or if earlier, eighteen (18) months from their creation. At the time of writing this type of cookie is not used by ReDA but Infonetica foresee situations where it may be required in the future.

Users can set their browser to warn them before accepting cookies and refuse the cookie when the browser alerts the user to its presence.

Refusal/Deletion of Cookies

A user may refuse cookies by adjusting the appropriate setting in their browser, but they will not be able to use all the facilities of ReDA. The user can easily delete any cookies that have been installed in the cookie folder of their browser. Users should consult the documentation for their choice of browser on how to manage cookies.

Access to your personal information

Registered users can view the personal information held about them by logging in to ReDA with their username and password. Users are responsible for maintaining their own information, but this can also be updated and monitored by an administrator.

Scope of this privacy policy and updates

This privacy policy applies only to the use of your personal information by Infonetica in connection with the ReDA service. The use of personal data or information by the Customer or any resource provider is governed by their own privacy policies. Infonetica are unable to accept responsibility for the use of any of personal information by the Customer or any resource provider.

Infonetica may update this privacy policy from time to time. Any changes shall be notified by posting on the ReDA website or a location as chosen by the Customer. Regularly reviewing this information ensures the user is always aware of the personal data Infonetica has access to and how it is used.

Security of your personal information

Infonetica is required to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure personal data. In order to comply with this requirement, the servers containing personal data are located in secure data centre locations with physical access limited to authorised staff. All data transmissions to and from the ReDA database are encrypted. Furthermore, password information sent to ReDA is hashed (a form of one-way encryption that produces a result from which it is computationally infeasible to deduce the original text) before it is stored in the ReDA database. The data is processed automatically by Infonetica’s systems without any human intervention. Only in the event of a technical problem will any Infonetica staff become involved.

All Infonetica’s staff are instructed in the importance of and adherence to the principles and requirements of the Act and Infonetica itself endeavours to ensure they comply with the terms of this privacy policy. The personal data which Infonetica holds is never modified or disclosed to a third party other than as described in this policy. Infonetica continually monitors measures which seek to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information that Infonetica collects and its proper use.

Queries or complaints

Users should contact the Customer in the first instance with any enquiries (since the Customer is the data controller for the purposes of the Act).

Any questions or enquiries about this privacy policy or Infonetica’s compliance with the Act should be addressed in the first instance to: Infonetica, The Lower Ground Floor Office, The Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9SD, or by emailing or by telephoning +44 (0) 208 334 6900.


This document is designed as a brief on the underlying principles privacy for the ReDA System. It is possible for our Customers to specify different criteria and therefore not everything within this document may be applicable.