Effectively manage your pre-award process and substantially increase the success rate of your research proposals with our highly configurable platform. 






  • Comply with funder rules and maximise contribution towards overheads using our configurable costing and pricing templates
  • Configure workflows for different application types, such as multi-departments or multi-funders 
  • Meet ongoing changes in internal and external requirements by changing forms, workflows and templates


  • Researchers, including external users, can collaborate in real-time

  • Improve success rates by facilitating a peer review process  

  • Enable all users to communicate within the system

  • Support bid evaluation by capturing the full review process 


  • Optimise recovery and success rates with intuitive reporting 
  • Support informed decision making with flexible reporting on all data

  • Schedule reports to automatically generate at specific intervals and send to users


  • Integrate with HR, finance, ethics and post-award systems (including Ethics RM)
  • Get complete visibility of your portfolio and identify delays
  • Configure automatic reminders and alerts for users about outstanding tasks


  • Eliminate redundant data entry and enhance data integrity with seamless data flow
  • Ensure users only see what’s relevant to their roles with easy administration of role-based access
  • Support transparency and accountability with a full action log

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