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Social Care

How Will The UK Cope With An Ageing Population?

How Will The UK Cope With An Ageing Population? The UK has an ageing population. Are we making appropriate provisions for a health care system that some say is starting to creak? Infonetica recently conducted a survey that … Read More

by Sophie Griffith, 28th August 2018


Mandatory Vaccinations: A Moral Dilemma?

The invention of vaccinations is often regarded as one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine. No other medical intervention has single-handedly saved as many lives or improved quality of life as much. However, recent … Read More

by Kallie Price, 1st April 2019

Ethics Research

Squirrels on toast and Covid-19

There is a common misconception about free speech.  Everyone DOES have the right to an opinion. However, everyone DOES NOT have the automatic right for their opinion to be taken seriously. I could firmly believe … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 17th July 2020

Ethics Research

Is the gender gap an issue in medical trials?

It is well accepted that children are not just miniature adults and so ideally should only receive drugs that have been tested in paediatric trials. However, there is also evidence that the difference between male and female … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 15th August 2018

two-meter rule

What’s so special about two meters?

Are you, like me, beginning to suspect that the two-meter rule was primarily designed because it was easy for people to understand? It wouldn’t be the first time – remember, the “five a day” rule designed to encourage … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 18th June 2020