In a world in which technology and digital practices are transforming our lives and work at an incredible rate, research ethics – its processes and management systems – is no exception.

Processes that have been largely manual and email or paper based simply miss meeting the increasing need for collaboration, visibility and audit requirements.

An efficient Ethics Review Management system is potentially the key for many organisations to finally overcome the inefficiencies and inconsistencies of their current research ethics management process.

Using an Ethics Review Management Solution

As support functions for research become digital, the tools used to manage research ethics reviews become more effective if they are digital too. A considerable number of the world’s leading research organisations and universities have already embraced technology for ethics reviews, benefitting from a fully digitalised process.

Digital ethics review management solutions allow software to handle manual and repetitive tasks, as well as the coordination and communication to manage research studies. Workflows can be defined so that every application follows a pre-determined automated workflow, which only engages with relevant researchers. This ensures consistency of input and process, allowing research managers to focus on high value outcomes.

Being Cloud-based also gives all users immediate access to track applications, as well as progress them. Systems can be programmed to generate notifications and task reminders to keep everyone involved on track. Management and reporting become more effective, and decisions can be based on report insights at the touch of a button.

Leveraging Digital Ethics Review Management

Leading research universities and organisations across the world are already benefitting from cloud-based Research Ethics Management Systems, to tackle the administrative challenges of a traditional email/paper-based ethics review – constant back-and-forth communication, misplaced information, multiple tools.

Monash University previously used email and paper-based solutions to track human/animal ethical projects. Application tracking and management was managed across multiple environments, from clunky project management tools to Excel spreadsheets and notes.

Embracing a cloud-based Ethics Review Management solution has allowed the university to hold the full ethics review process in one dedicated environment. This has meant the university has unlocked productivity gains and allowed their research managers to focus on high value work. Monash considers the implementation of a digital ethics review management one of the most important digital transformation projects for the university.

The Most Advanced Research Ethics Management System

For 20 years, Infonetica has worked with researchers and research organisations across the world to create and evolve its best in breed Research Ethics Review Management System, Ethics RM.

Whether you are a small organisation with a few projects or a large multi-site networked organisation managing thousands of research projects, Infonetica’s specialist Research Ethics Review Management solution ensures that your organisation’s requirements are addressed.

Let Ethics RM manage your ethics review process behind the scenes while you focus on moving your organisation ahead.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how Ethics RM can help you streamline your research ethics management process. Or book a tailored demo to see how it can work for you.