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Can year's of pain really be written off as
Ethics Research

“Women’s Problems”

The UK government has been asked to apologise to women who have suffered years of pain after their concerns over medical procedures and drugs were written off as “women’s problems.” Back in January 2014, I wrote a … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 8th July 2020

Tissue Auditor

Coroners Could Start Investigating Full-Term Stillbirths

Rates of full-term stillbirths in the UK are currently at their lowest levels on record, accounting for 1 in 225 births. While this figure has seen an almost constant decline since the 1980s, it is still higher than several … Read More

by Kallie Price, 8th April 2019

pregnant woman in chair
Ethics Research

Is gene editing one step too far?

Gene editing could eliminate some diseases - but at what cost to the future of the human race? What is the true risk of gene editing? Originally discovered by a researcher from Osaka University in 1987, gene editing could … Read More

by Ashley Smith, 10th December 2018