Today is National Research Administrator Day – a special annual event to recognise the essential contribution that administrators make to research across the globe.

Research Administrators have many roles, from providing compliance oversight of research projects before they even begin, to management of projects to ensure they stay on course, both to timetable and budget.

Infonetica is proud to support the essential work of Research Administrators throughout the world, from research-intensive universities, to hospitals and Governmental bodies. We are the market leaders in ethics review management systems. We used the expertise we developed building the system used by the NHS to create a more sophisticated and advanced ethics review system. Ethics Review Manager (Ethics RM) is the powerhouse behind some of the most sophisticated automated ethics review systems in use today, including –

In addition to ethics review, we support research Administrators through ReDA – our fully functional clinical trial management tool. ReDA provides oversight and control for even the most complex multi-site studies from inception to completion. ReDA is incredibly simple to configure to the needs of the project and can be up and running in a matter of hours.

ReDA is currently being used for all NHS portfolio studies in Scotland and Wales – read more about how NHS Research Scotland uses ReDA [here].

All of our products are supported by our Service & Support Desk teams, both in the UK and Australia. Our team of product specialists provide system support for research administrators, allowing them more time to focus on BAU tasks.  Our on-boarding process is second to none, with useful train-the-trainer sessions right through to a premium set up where we do all the hard work for you.

So cheers to all the Research Administrators out there.

Remember, we’re here for you!

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is Infonetica's Account Manager, who makes sure that all our clients continue to get the products and support they need - especially during the pandemic. As one of the longest standing members of the team he has worked in most parts of the business and so understands how all the products fit together into a coherent package. Ashley likes to listen to music, especially his favourite group: Orbital.