There is a common misconception about free speech. 

Everyone DOES have the right to an opinion.

However, everyone DOES NOT have the automatic right for their opinion to be taken seriously.

I could firmly believe that squirrels are made of jam – however, I do not have the automatic right to be given a global platform on which to broadcast my views. Free speech is great, but not always what its cracked up to be.

As concerns about links between Covid-19 and 5G illustrate, if I were to have a sufficiently large platform, I could convince some of the population of literally anything.

Recent stories in the UK mainstream media suggest that as many as one-third of people in the UK would refuse a coronavirus vaccine. Looking in more detail reveals that 6% would “definitely not” get vaccinated, whereas a further 10% would “probably not.” Not all refusers will be doing so because they think coronavirus a hoax, but it is a surprisingly common belief.

We can easily dismiss the 16% as misguided potential squirrel hunters but stop and think for a while about herd immunity…

Some people cannot be vaccinated and so, unless they resort to long term isolation, they rely on the rest of the population’s immunity to protect them. Here is a nice article about how herd immunity works.

However, to result in effective herd immunity, a disease like polio requires 80-85% of the population to possess acquired immunity (from past infection or vaccination). Once you look at more infectious diseases like measles, the figure rises to 90-95%.

At the moment, we’re still not sure if coronavirus infection does produce lasting immunity, so those 16% who would be unlikely to be vaccinated start to look really worrying.

There have been some really promising results in vaccine trials already, especially in the UK and US. Over 20 are in clinical trials with a further 140 in earlier development. If you are interested in clinical trials, check out our training [here].

This is an unprecedented achievement!

I only hope we don’t throw it away because a section of the population is eagerly trying to spread squirrels on toast!

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is Infonetica's Account Manager, who makes sure that all our clients continue to get the products and support they need - especially during the pandemic. As one of the longest standing members of the team he has worked in most parts of the business and so understands how all the products fit together into a coherent package. Ashley likes to listen to music, especially his favourite group: Orbital.