Tissue Auditor | About

Save time, money and meet all regulatory requirements with our proven solution designed specifically for laboratories and tissue banks.

Tissue auditor is a powerful, modern and intuitive tracking system for human tissue samples. It was designed to help all organisations comply with the Human Tissue Act – whether they have one small lab or several sites at different locations.

It is totally secure and its responsive design means it can be accessed using any device with a web browser (including tablets and smartphones). It is cost-effective too, with a simple scalable licensing model based on number of users and no need for costly set-up work.

Tissue Auditor meets the needs of everyone in the organisation by offering customised views of data, dependant on role. Users can view only their samples and storage locations.

The system’s flexible design means that system administrators can customise the structure to allow capture of the exact data required. The physical storage structure can be modelled using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Once set up, system structure can then be adapted without any need to involve developers.

Tissue Auditor supports full traceability of samples. It is easy to find the storage location of a sample, details of any parent or sub-samples. Each sample also has a full audit trail that lists everything that has been recorded about a tissue sample.