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Infonetica: Over a decade of excellence

Infonetica was established in 2003. The company is based in the UK with headquarter offices in Richmond, Surrey, and regional representative offices in North America and Australia. Our products are used in the UK at both national and local levels, and internationally with government and private sector contracts in Europe, US, Canada and Australia.

Our experienced team
Infonetica’s full-time team of experienced programmers, customer support and account management staff ensure continuing quality in both product and services. All of our products are fully supported by helpdesk services, strong in-house sector knowledge, consultancy and dedicated expert training specialists.

Why we make a difference
Infonetica is the only company that brings competent software development and a deep knowledge of workflow systems together in the clinical research area. Success comes from understanding our clients’ issues and providing solutions that meet their needs. The company’s continuing growth and expanding client base is testimony to continually meeting and exceeding expectation. We are chosen because we deliver efficiency saving that positively impact workflow and budgets.

Our clients
Infonetica provides a range of clinical research solutions for clinical research management in the areas of ethics review/approval and human tissue tracking along and online compliance training. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of public bodies, private enterprise and research institutions. Our easily adaptable software platforms and flexible pricing means we are able to bring powerful, feature-rich solutions within the reach of organisations both large and small – from single hospital research departments to national/regional services processing thousands of applications annually.

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